Family Cosmetic and implant Dentistry

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Do dentist speak fluent English?

Yes, all of our dentist speak fluent English.


Do all dentist and office staff speak fluent English?

Our front office receptionist speaks English, except for concerning medical/dental or technical terms.

Questions of this nature are referred to the treating dentist for explanation.  However, if you have questions about appointments, waiting time at the border, crossing or simply providing you a bottle of water or cup of coffee, the receptionist or any member of the staff will be happy to assist you.



What is the cost of Check up?

There is no cost for a check up.



Do i have to take Antibiotics before my Appointment?

Yes, if prescribed by your physician for medical reasons such as joint replacement or as a prophylactic measure.



What is the Source of your Water?

We use purified water in our office that is stored in a sterile container and replenished every 3 to 4 days.



Do you Sterilize your Equipment?

We sterilize our dental instruments with an autoclave and as a further precaution, we use a desinfectant spray manufactured in US and approved for dental office use by the FDA and American Dental Association. Common area surface in the office are routinely cleaned with lysol. Also, you will notice we use sterile plastics barriers to cover the handles for the dental lamp and other controls for the chair and related equipment. In addition, we use new gloves, saliva ejectors, protective masks and dental burs (drills) for each patient. A company certified by both the federal government of Mexico and USA picks the biohazard waste up every two weeks.



Do you charge a Fee for missed appointments?

No, ther is no charge for missed appointments. However, if you are unable to attend your appointment, please call our office as soon as possible. We could appreciate at least two days notice so that ew can offer your appointment to other patients.



How do I get to your Office?



From San Diego

Take I-8 East for approximately 150 miles.

Take Exit 166 off I-8 and turn right at Algodones Road (Quechan Tribe Casino is on the right side of the exit road)

Proceed approximately 1 mile and park at Quechan Tribe parking lot (not at the casino). Right turn into the parking lot at the end of the RV park. If you miss the entrance make a U-turn at the parking lot exit and do not drive across the border-crossing checkpoint. Park and walk across the border. Walk the first block (curves slightly); continued ahead to the 2nd block (B street). At B Street, take a right and walk about 30 steps until yoou see a patio area to your right. The front door of Dr. Iván Gaspar's it's about 20 feet at your right hand inside the patio area.


From Los Angeles and Oreange Country

Take the I-10 to Indio and exit at highway 86 going to the Salton Sea, Brawley and Calexico. Merge on to the I-8 East about 1 mile passed Imperial Valley College and follow the San Diego directions to Algodones.


From Yuma

Merge on to the I-8 West and proceed approximately 10 minutes to exit 166.

Take Algodones Road approximately 1 mile to parking lot (see directions under directions for San Diego).



Do I need a Passport?

Yes, you will need a passport to re-enter the US.



Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

Mexico's Government are fighting the drug cartels, but this fight is centered in two states and three cities. Fortunately, the areas are long way from Algodones. As an added safety measure local police and special tourist police patrol the streets and border crossing until the border gates are closed at 10:00 p.m.



How do I pay for Professional Services?

Due the Excessive fees and charges, credit and debit cards are not accepted. We are sorry for this inconvenience. US currency and personal checks are accepted form of payment.



What kind of Anesthesia is used?

Tipically, xylocaine, lidocaine, mepivacaine, articaine, medicaine and apinephrine are the most commonly used. if you request a special treatment that requires general anesthesia, please inform us 2 or 3 weeks before the treatment. In Mexico, by law, a dentist cannot provide general anesthesia or laughing gas; a licensed anesthesiologist must administer it. We will schedule the appointments with the anesthesiologist for the procedure in our office.