Family Cosmetic and implant Dentistry

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It is important to provide our patients with all reasonable treatment options. We treat one patient at a time. Educating our patients allows them to make decisions regarding the best care for them, whether it suits their budget, time frame or desires.


    - Preventive Care: At the core of our philosophy is the importance of preventive care. Regular cleanings, maintenance, and examinations reveal dental needs at their early stages. This early detection and treatment allows us to use conservative, less costly treatment options


    - Bleaching: Bleaching has become a very popular service. The technology has changed significantly in recent years. We have achieved excellent results in under 1 hour with the Zoom 2 Beaching system. All of our bleaching patients are also provided with materials to use at home to maintain their new, whiter smile.


    - Bonding: Bonding is a quick way to close small gaps, fix chips or cracks, and remove discolorations and stains in just one visit.


    - Crowns & Bridges: Our all porcelain crowns and bridges appear and feel natural. If you have unsightly black lines around old crowns or bridges, these new cosmetic restorations are a great option.


    - Invisalign & Orthodontics: Invisalign is a great way to improve your smile and your bite. These clear, removable braces are virtually undetectable. Perhaps you had already had braces but did not wear your retainer. We have many quick ways to correct the shifting or crowding that may have occurred.


   - Veneers: Veneers are a great way to improve a smile by placing porcelain on teeth to make them natural looking and well aligned. They can change a smile and give the impression that the patient had instant orthodontics in only a few visits.


    - Reconstructive: Whether you have an unstable bite, shifting teeth, or have old dental work that requires replacement, we can provide you with a comfortable, cosmetic result.


   - Removable: If you require a new partial denture, full denture, or want to stabilize a loose denture, we have solutions to suit your needs. Many patients benefit from implants used to stabilize a loose denture while others simply need an adjustment.


   - Implants: We offer implant services in conjunction with top specialists. Mini-implant placement is performed in our office as well as the restoration of conventional implants.


   - Endodontics: Endodontic therapy (root canal) has changed dramatically in recent years. Modern techniques allow us to complete this procedure rapidly and painlessly.


    - White Fillings: In our office, silver is thing of the past. All of our fillings are tooth colored.


    - Surgery: Surgical extractions, including wisdom tooth removal, are performed in our office.


   - Emergency Care: If you have a dental emergency, please contact us and will make every effort to accommodate you.