Family Cosmetic and implant Dentistry

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I wish to thank you for the excellent work performed on myself at Simply Dental. I had 16 crowns, bridge, root canals, 2 partials and gum surgery.


I would also like to say that the lab work on the crowns and partial dentures was excellent and they fix perfectly with no adjustments required.


Before coming to Simply Dental I shopped around for prices, and they had the most reasonable.



Keith Knight

Agassiz, B.C.  Canada


I'd recommend this clinic to anyone. Went to this clinic after having a bad experience with another. They had my new dentures made within 2 days as promised, they fit and look great, couldn't ask for better service, staff were polite and very helpful, Dr Gaspar was great, as was his nephew. Their prices were excellent, Wish he was in Canada.

    Trevor Hall

    Cranbrook Canada


Simply Dental came to my assistance when I was unable to get help for a dental emergency in Arizona. They were caring, compassionate and professional. Their facilities were well equiped and clean, and I was comfortable that appropriate sterilization procedures were in place. The treatment was painless and they referred to specialists as required. The quality of the work was comparable to anything in Canada and the prices were exceptionally reasonable. I had a very positive experience and would highly recommend Simply Dental to family & friends with absolutely no reservation!


Gary McIntosh




I was truly impressed by the competent and caring dental care I received from Dr Enrique Lopez Gaspar. I have had some scary experiences in the dentist's office growing up so I am usually quite fearful and stressed when having dental work done. At Simply Dental I had a root canal, post, and crown done on a badly infected tooth. I felt no pain during the process and I can tell you that was not the case for similar procedures performed before in the U.S. Dr. Gaspar and his staff were very attentive and explained different options for treating the tooth. In Maine the estimate I got to treat this tooth was $1800. My total bill at Simply Dental was $530. I would definitely recommend Simply Dental to anyone needing dental care.


     Robin Charlton

    Boulder, Colorado/Bernard USA




I want to thank you, Dr Escandon, for the really great dentistry you did in building a new bite for me with 29 new porcelain crowns. After giving my jaw a few days to adapt to the new bite, I now bite into food and chew it with ease. The time in the  dentist's chair with you was well worth it, and I was especially  pleased that there was practically no pain involved, even when you  found it necessary to do a bit of gum surgery. And perhaps the best part is when our friends complement me on the new teeth. They all  want to know how it was done and who did it. I tell them about the  dentistry and I also tell them the following about you.


"Dr. Escandon is a native born American citizen whose mother is American and father is Mexican. He speaks excellent English having  gone through grade school and high school in the US. He graduated from dental school in 2003 in Mexicali. He is also trained and  certified to do implants, root canals, and gum surgery among other things."

Once again thanks for the great job.


Buck Nipe,

Chino Valley, Arizona